Friday, March 16, 2018


This British rock’n’roll retro band formed by Bill Clift, Dave Head, Mike Jelly, Tim Joyce, Tony Jewson and Mr Nixi F Plonk is present in the U. S. Jeff Kreiter Vocal Group Guide with...

-Bristol Stomp- London records-1979.

(Song originally by The Dovells).


Friday, March 9, 2018

THE ESCORTS Demo songs on Youtube.

Recently a member of the group The Escorts who recorded for Taurus in 1961, has published some demo songs of the group on YouTube.

I believe that they are unknown to collectors and it is worth listening to them.

To do this, visit this YouTube channel ..

Visit The Escorts page in this blog...

The Escorts.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

For the first time on YouTube.

Rare 45 rpm by Carlos Diaz & the Royal Tones with one doo wop side "Only One Love" on Triangle records (date unknow).

Value; $150/550.

This side is listed in the Kreiter's vocal group guide.

I think that many collectors will not know this recording.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

THE FABULOUS QUIET FIVE (Casa Grande records)

This band from England in europe is present in the U.S. Jeff Kreiter vocal group record guide with...

-I Understand / Red Hot Scrambler. Casa Grande records-1961.

More information at;


Saturday, February 17, 2018

THE FOUR WINDS (Hide-a-Way Records)

The Four Winds were present in the doo wop guides with...

- Mission By The Sea / These Hearts Were Mine. Hide-a-Way records- 1958.

Also released as by THE FOURWINDS.

But really they have a pop sound.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

THE INTENTIONS (Philips records)

I discover another mistake from, The Complete Book Of Doo Wop, with...


-Don't Forget That I Love You / Night Rider. Philips records-1967.

From Middletown, Pa., before know as The DuValles. Two unreleased tunes_Honest I Do / It's Got To Be Love. at Virtue Studios were recorded but never released (Actually the songs were incluided in a CD).


Friday, July 3, 2015

Rare DOO WOP 78rpm ACETATE ...

THE KNOCKOUTS_Stormy Weather.

This song was originally unreleased to the public until the CD era.

To Listen or Download, please visit;

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Great CD about The Paramounts on Carlton and Fleetwood records....

Buy this CD at;

Many collectors don't know they  recorded_Christopher Columbus.

Originally this is an unreleased side of The Bay Bops on Coral Records.the master was offered to this bronx group and they copied in a 95% the Bay Bops unreleased song.

Complete group bio at;

To Listen or Download, pleae visit;

Or go to YouTube...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

FARRELL & THE FLAMES (Fransil records)

Clockwise from Top; Bill Newmiller, Bob Hummel, Farrell and Fred Baker.

White group from Upper Darby, PA consisted of Bill Newmiller (Soprano), Bob Hummell (Bass / Baritone), Edward "Farrell" Finn Jr. (Lead) and Fred Baker (Tenor). They practicing on Farrell's house on their high school and by the local streets.

In early 1960 signed Steve Kurtz and Steve Todarello of The Vocal-Lords as their managers who send the guys with Dj Ron Joseph to particeipe in his show, the group have great perfomances in the Philadelphia, Delaware and Upper Darby area.

The group moved to Reco Arts where recorded four sides_Dreams and Memories / You'll Be Sorry / Vita / When I'm Near You. presented the masters to Silvio Scerbo and Bob Scale of Fransil Records this label released the two first sides in the spring of 1960.


The A side was very popular locally and play in many radio stations but the rockin B side on the order of The Rockin Chairs died soon.

From Left; Fred Baker, Bill Newmiller, Bob Hummel and Farrel.

The group managers want the boys moved to New York but by their ages (13-14) and the school, they refused, never recorded again and finally with their graduation disbanded in late 1961.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

45 RPM Vocal Group Record Guide 8th Edition by Jeff Kreiter

Another opportunity to get...Jeff Kreiter's "45 RPM Vocal Group Record Guide"--A Reference & Price Guide to Vocal Group Harmony Records (1949-2003). This book totally documents the harmony sound with listings of over 20,000 records of vocal group harmony by over 3,000 R&B, Doo-Wop, Girl, Transitional-Soul and  and Pop Groups--Over 541 pages. This book is considered the "Bible" of doo-wop collectors.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Update unlisted version of this classic doo wop song (sorry for the jump of the needle).

Anybody have info about this group or the date of this recording?.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

REVIVAL YEARS...Dino & The Heartspinners

Interracial group from Harlem, NYC  lead by Dino Geangelo present in the doo wop guides with...

-Cry Like I Cried / That's My Girl. Bim Bam Boom records-1972.
-I Love You So / Two Kinds Of People In The World. Bim Bam Boom records-1972.
-Hey Senorita / I'm Not a Know It All. Bim Bam Boom records-1973.
-Cry Like I Cried / That's My Girl. Barrier records-1976.
-Zoom / Let's Go Back To Yesterday. Robin Hood records-1976.
-Who Do You Think You Are? / A Thousand Miles Away. Robin Hood records-1976.
-The Bells Of Love / The Wind. Statrlight records1981.
-Flames / Shirley. Pyramid records-?.
-The Lover's Plea / Mexico. Starlight records-?.
-I Believe In You / Gee. Starlight records-?.

Above pictures, the original 1972 Dino & the Heartspinners; Bernard Jones (BJ), Joe Odom, Dino Geangelo, Cecil Wiley and Butch ?.

Over time the group had many other singers as David Martinez, Robert Soto, Jack Joule or Richard Bohn Bazzano.

To Listen or Download_That's My Girl, please visit;

Or go to YouTube...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

AMISH DOO WOP...Jimmy Rock

In 1964 amish man, Jimmy Rock (real name Jimmy Stolzius) with...

The Royal Lancers as back up group....


-(This Was Our) Summer Love / Mama ( She Treats Her Daddy Mean). Hi-Mar records.

B side originally by Ruth Brown.


See in this blog, The Royal Lancers;

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Little Jimmy & The Sparrows (L to R); Oliver "Ollie" Spence, Joe Scott, Richard Anderson and James "Little Jimmy" Wilson. 

Interracial group from Philadelphia formed in 1956-57 by schoolmates at the Vaux Junior High and the Ben Franklyn High School; James "Little Jimmy" Wilson (Lead and white member), Richard Anderson (Baritone / 2º Tenor), Joe Scott (2º Tenor) and Oliver "Ollie" Spence (1st Tenor / 2º Lead). they have a guy as Bassman but leave soon by problems with the justice.

They practice with the classic doo wop songs as_Little Darlin / In The Still Of The Night / Teardrops... and soon won a local talent contest who send the group to participe in many local shows in clubs at Ridge and Columbia avenues shortly after they hire Joe Cook (of "Peanuts" fame) as their manager.

In the Autumn of 1958 the group recorded two songs_Snorin' / Two Hearts Together. released in the Philadelphia based label VAL-UE records, the sides play in local radio shows by Dj's as Jocko, Jimmy Bishop or Kae Williams but without promotion the record dead soon.

Even so the A side was reviewed by Billboard in november of 1958 with three stars (very good).

To Listen or Download please visit;

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The group fired its manager and work with song writter/recording artista, Kenny Gamble and later with Berry Gordy (Motown) but never recorded again and disbanded in late 1963.

Monday, June 22, 2015



-Tell Me / Lets's Work. Centennial records - 1964.

Value; $40

Download at;

Available on YouTube...

Friday, June 19, 2015


Above rare picture of Julio Angel Acevedo, who is Julio?...

Julio born 23 December, 1945 on Bayamón in Puerto Rico but soon his family moved to New York where he remained until age 14, when he returned to Puerto Rico formed the group The Latin Lads (Julio Castro, Cesar Nieves, Paco Lara, Pepe Miranda, Gigi Nieves and Julio Angel), they participe on the WAPA-TV show  "Una hora contigo" of Myrta Silva and signed with producer Alfred D. Herger who in 1963 recorded on Rico-Vox records the group side_Nunca. (the Earls song, Never, sung in spanish) as Julito & The Latin Lads.


Two more songs of the Latin Lads were listed in the doo wop guides...

-The Way You Look Tonight / When I Fall In Love. Ronnie records-1987.

ACTUALLY... this is a different group.


Later Julio was quite successful in Puerto Rico singing as a solo artista.

See in this blog THE TROPICALS;

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

THE 3 HONEYDROPS (Music City records)


Lani Wood, Jerry Marcellino and Mel Larson recorded in 1957 as The 3 Honeydrops, for the California based label, Music City records, owened by Ray Dobard, the sides...

-Honeydrop / In The Summer.

-You're The One For Me / Rockin Satellite.

Later Jerry and Mel producer a string of hits for, among others, the Jackson 5 and young Michael Jackson.

To Listen or Download_You're The One For Me, please visit;

Or go to YouTube...

DOO WOP ACETATE...The Lytations

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this song "Sunday Kind Of Love" by the Lytations has never been released on vinyl or CD.

A very rare song exclusively for the readers of this blog. enjoy it.

Download at;


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


1965 picture sleeve of the Fuller Brothers on Monument records with the sides_Why Do Fools Fall In Love / Judge Me With Your Heart. present in the Kreiter's guide ( this book does not mention this sleeve).

To Listen or Download A side, please visit;

Or go to YouTube...

Monday, June 15, 2015


This one is so rare that it is not even listed in Kreiter's Guide!!. Recorded in a radio studio in Germany in 1959 when the group was there in the service. Later released on the US label, Gay. Listen in this side the nice Leon Phelp's talk recitation .

To Listen or Download, please visit;

Or go to YouTube...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

REVIVAL YEARS...The Revivals

Group from New York formed professionaly in 1983 by Cathy Santienello (Lead-1st Tenor), John Oswald (Baritone-Lead), Joey Inzirillo (Lead-Bass), Vince Scire (1st Tenor) and Loui Caporusso (2º Tenor-Lead). They have their own band

Present in the doo wop guides with...

-My Prayer To Heaven /  Oh Please. Memory Lane records-1984.
-Too Young / I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent. Avenue D records-1987.
-Under The Boardwalk / I Believe. DCA records-1987 / Clifton records-1989.
-Quarter To Three / Sea Cruise. Sutra records-1989.
-No, No, No / Slow Dance. Avenue D records-1991.

In this last recording (No, No, No) the group consisted of Keri Dawn (Lead-1st Tenor), John Oswald Jr. (Lead-Baritone), Steve Taylor (Lead-2º Tenor) and Vince Scire (1st Tenor), see above picture.

Also recorded two Lp's...

THE REVIVALS "I'm So Young Again" Memory Lane-1986.

THE REVIVALS "Looking Back" Sutra records-1989.


Cathy & The Revivals. Mickey B's Golden Oldies Winter Spectacular - Celebrating The Duprees 60th Anniversary. Patchogue Theatre 2-18-12.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

THE CORVETTES (Duncan records)

Another mistake present in the Complete Book Of Doo Wop...

THE CORVETTES with Bill Duzan.

Band from Indiana, IN. consisted of  left to right on the above picture, Larry Purcell, Sonny Kixmiller, Rex Walters and Bill Duzan.

-Janice. Duncan records-1962.

As you can hear they don't have a doo wop sound...

Friday, June 12, 2015

BOBBY HATFIELD (Moonglow records)

Bobby Hatfield of Righteous Brothers fame, is present in the Jeff Kreiter's Vocal Group Record Guide as a solo artist with...

-I Need A Girl / Hot Tamales. Moonglow records-1963.

Complete info at;

To Listen or Download A side, please visit;

Or go to YouTube...

Thursday, June 11, 2015


L to R; Chip Kopaczewski, Tony Galantino, Dick Curry and Jimmy Murkens. Not pictured: Jimmy Gleason.

Frank "Chip" Kopaczewski for fun sang with different school groups at St. Cyril's elementary school in South Jersey, Philadelphia but in 1962 with Tony Galantino decided to form a professional vocal group and Chip & The Quartertones were born; Chip Kopaczewski (Lead), Tony Galantino (Baritone / Bass), Jimmy Murkens (1st / 2º Tenor), Dick Curry (Baritone / 2º Tenor) and Jimmy Gleason (1st Tenor).

L to R; Chip Kopaczewiki, Dick Curry, Jimmy Murkens and Tony Galantino. Not pictured; Jimmy Gleason.

By two years they practice and singing locally when signed Bill Fredericks as their manager who connected the group with LeRoy Lovett a record executive, he liked the guys and send the group in the fall of 1964 at the Sound Plus Studio on Kensington Av. in Philadelphia to cut_Simple Simon / You Were My Baby. finally released on the Carlton label in New York owened by Jack Carlton. For a nule promotion of the disc this only play locally and the group appearing at local hops emceed by Joe Niagara (WIBG) and Ron Joseph's radio show at WEEZ in Chester, PA.

LISTEN 2 sides...

The group have unreleased sides as_She Walked Away . and_He's In Love With Sandra.


In early 1965 the group was invited to perform at intermission of Sunday with the Mummers front 9.000 mummer fans. In the summer of 1965 the Quatertones were broken and Chip and Tony were recruited by Eddie Sachetti (Lead / 1st Tenor), Albert DiPrieto (Baritone) and Charlie Votta (1st Tenor) to sing with their group, The Intentions from Nearby Yeadon, PA.

Picture of the Intentions before Chip & Tony joined the group. L to R; Al DiPrietro, Tony Avicol, Charlie Votta and seated; Eddie Sachetti.

They practice almost every night and finally recorded in 1965 for Melron_I'm In Love With A Go Go Girl / Wonderful Girl. (A side written by Chip for his girlfriend, Arlene). Bill Fredericks moved to Motown as publicist in Detroit and ask to The Intentions to come along but as the disc play very well they refused.


In late 1965 The Intentions were disbanded and Chip, Tony and Charlie matriculated at Cheyney University and never singing again.

In 1988 The Quatertones / Intentions had a 25-year reunion at Stadium Hilton in memory of Wildwood Crest Pier, which was to be torn down.

The Intentions have an acappella practice tape with the songs_So In Love/ Bristol Stomp / This Is My Love /While Walking / This Is Swear / Diamonds & Pearls.

Monday, June 8, 2015

JOE D' AMBRA & THE EMBERS ( Mercury records)


-Please Come Home / Don't Forget to Write. Mercury records-1960.

Mickey Newbury is a member of this group (far left on the above picture)...

To Listen or Download B side, please  visit;

Or go to Youtube...

THE MISTICS (Capri & Kirk records)

Above, the Mistics from the Charles H. Milby High School in Houston, Texas. formed by (L. to R), Ray Vaughn, Jerry Simmons, Neal Seymour, Buster Sullivan and Tommy Thompson.

This formation recorded in 1960 ( date according to the Kreiter's guide) on the Capri label established in Conroe, Texas by Huey P Meaux and Foy Lee ...

-Memories / Without Love (There Is Nothing).

The Complete Book of Doo Wop dated this recording  from 1963.

B side, original by Clyde McPhatter was a big hit in Houston (#2) and California (#1).

Listen 2 sides...

When the original Mistics graduate, emegerd a second Milby's, Mistics group formed by Charlie Smith, Wally Sisk,  Joe Simmons and Sonny "Clyde" Jones", see below picture.

Problably they recorded....

-You'll Be There / What Happened to Saturday. Kirk records-1964.

If anyone have more information about these two formations and the two songs on Kirk records, please write me.

Thanks to;